February 28, 2024


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Surprising Benefits of Vinyl Decal Marketing

Effectiveness of Sticker Marketing [Top 5 Benefits] | by Gurukrupa  Printwell | Medium

Companies around the world are experiencing serious budgetary challenges. Inflation is driving the cost of several essential goods and supplies. The labor market shortages are increasing wages. That’s why business experts are advising company leaders to assess different cost-cutting opportunities.

Cost-cutting measures need to be applied to all business functions – including marketing. For small-scale businesses, now’s the perfect time to ditch expensive marketing tools and strategies for more cost-effective options. Traditional marketing materials like vinyl stickers and decals are not expensive at all. But, they can do wonders for any business. Here’s how.

Cost-Effective Marketing with Vinyl Decals

vinyl decal is a relatively simple marketing tool. You custom-print any design or artwork on these decals. Then, you attach the decals to any smooth and clean surface you can think of. These decals stick to all types of surfaces, including – metal, plastic, glass, and wood. That means you can beautify or “brand” any item you want.

  • You can cover your store’s windows with cheap, custom-printed decals.
  • Vinyl stickers and decals can also be attached to the surfaces of company vehicles. Brand leaders can technically create mobile billboards with custom-printed decals.
  • Vinyl decals can be attached to doors, cabinets, tables, and pretty much any item with a smooth surface.

This versatility makes custom-printed vinyl decals highly cost-effective. Vinyl is a highly durable material itself. Decals made of this material can last for several years, no matter where you install them. The art of marketing your brand with custom-printed vinyl decals is called “decal marketing.” Here’s why this marketing technique is so effective –

Attract Customers

Custom-printed window vinyl decals can make your store’s dull windows appear super-appealing. Well-designed window signage can attract and inform target customers. When shoppers see a well-designed window decal, they instantly think that there’s a roaring business inside.

Plus, users get total customization control when they’re designing their custom decals. They can print high-quality graphics, high-definition photos, colorful designs, and other custom art graphics on their custom decals. Such well-designed window decals are guaranteed to attract more customers to your store.

Fulfill Community Responsibilities

All businesses have some implicit responsibilities towards their communities. For example, during the COVID19 pandemic, many businesses were informing consumers about safety rules and precautions via their company websites. Businesses can repeat similar gestures with custom-printed decals.

Custom decals are very cheap. Brand leaders can easily order large sets of these stickers without overspending. This cost-effectiveness makes custom decals ideal for seasonal promotional campaigns. They can also be used to post timely messages. Here are some examples –

  • Is there a storm or blizzard approaching your community? Let the locals know your brand cares by custom-printing decals that feature information about storm safety guidelines.
  • Let local shoppers know about the importance of getting vaccinated by installing decals that feature vaccine-related info on store windows.

Cost-effective, easy-to-install decals are ideal for such seasonal promotions and time-limited marketing messages.

Boost Your Brand’s Presence

Lastly and most importantly, well-designed decals can make your brand more visible. When people see bright, well-designed decals on your store’s windows or company vehicles – they automatically feel closer to your brand.