May 27, 2024


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Techniques to Launch Windsurfing Board

Windsurfing is a fun sport to do. This sport let you express your style to drive surfboard on water surface.

This activity could not do if you have no skill to start your surfboard on the waters. Firstly, you need to learn how to carry a surfboard since it is big and tricky.

Take your surfboard by carrying the board under your arm at the center point. Rig it to the water separately. You can hold it by the dagger-board slot if the board is too wide. Or you can carry it on top of your head if it is still unwieldy.

Pick up your rig on the windward side and hoist the rig over your head. This will keep the mast pointed downwind. While keeping the clew of your sail leeward, you should hold on to the mast and the boom.

Connect your mast to your board and hold both the board and the rig together, keeping the mast leeward, and carry it into the water. Prepare for action by attaching the mast to the board then inserting the dagger-board. Do not forget to put on your life vest.

To start surf, you need to carry the board and rig into the water as a single unit. Ask someone for help if you are absolutely unable to carry it by yourself. You can simply hold the nose of the board and the mast and drag the board into the water if you are on soft sand.

Enter the water knee deep with the board floating perfectly in the water and the sail on the leeward side of the board.

Windsurfing sails need to position by adjacent their body to the board on the windward side and hoist the rig up by the up-haul line. Grab the boom with both hands to keep it balance.

After that, place your back foot onto the windsurf board and follow it with your other foot. You should sail immediately after you sheet in.