June 14, 2024


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Why Are Standup Paddleboards Aka SUPs So Popular?

SUPs have become the most popular new type surfboard. The sport of SUPing has become the fastest growing water sport throughout the world.

Why is this? There are several reasons. The first being that this type surfboard is very easy to ride. Normally after a ground lesson and 2 or so minutes on the water, the beginner can stand up on the board and paddle it with relative ease. This ease of learning has made riding Standup Paddleboards extremely popular.

The second reason is that the SUP type surfboard can be ridden in almost all bodies of water. You can see them on lakes, rivers, bays, and oceans all over the world. Because you do not need a wave to ride this type surfboard, riders can now surf in the interior parts of all continents.

All ages can ride a SUP. You will see young boys and girls, housewives, men and women of all generations, and families out for family enjoyment. When you compare this with the other types of surfboards, these boards allow many more people to surf.

Another reason for the popularity of SUPS is that, although they are big and bulky, they only weigh around 25 lbs. The makers of these have added an inserted contoured finger grip in the center of the SUP. The grip is placed so that the board is balanced for the person carrying the board. Some of the makers have added plugs fore and aft where a strap can be attached which allows the person to carry the board over their shoulder.

Riding a SUP is a very leisurely activity and sport. You can put your dog or young child on the board with you for your paddle on the lake, bay or around the boat harbor. You can go sightseeing, fish watching, nature watching, or you can paddle out on the water just to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

There are unlimited locations for you to surf your SUP type surfboard. In addition to the leisurely spots mentioned, you can surf waves in the oceans of the world; small waves, big waves or any sized wave depending on your skill level. What fun!

The bottom line is that the SUP, like the Morey Boogie Board, has made it possible for millions more people to surf, cruise, sightsee, and enjoy the wondrous feeling of being in and on the waters of the world.

It gives you another venue to Surf Life. How special!