May 29, 2024


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How to Teach Gymnastics Mommy and Me Classes

Mommy and me gymnastics classes are designed for kids 18 months to 3 years old. At this age it is very hard to keep their attention. As a coach it is your responsibility to keep it fun and enjoyable, do not overwhelm them!

Every mommy and me class should begin with a short warm up. I like to start the class with something fun and active like the duck dance. This is followed by stretching. When you stretch you need to use your imagination. You may use little stuffed animals, bean bags or balls to make it more fun. If you make a pike call it an alligator and ask the kids what they want to feed it. After you finish stretching it is time to start your rotations.

Each rotation in mommy and me classes should be fun, creative and short. It is very important not to add too many stations. Too many stations makes it very hard, stressful and over whelming for the little gymnasts, moms and coaches. Make sure you don’t add to many new skills at one time. Repetition is a good thing at this age. You may have two forward roll spots, one on the wedge and one on the floor.

You need to get the kiddo’s attention and keep it by making it fun! Instead of saying jump spot to spot you could say hop like a frog on the lily pads. You could pretend the wedge mat is a big hill. The beam can become a plank that has sharks swimming under it. I can guarantee if you tell the mommy and me classes, “on this spot you do a forward roll, on the beam you walk forward, on the wedge you roll sideways….” You will lose their interest in the matter of seconds. So make it fun, be creative, use your imagination and you will keep their attention and they will learn!