December 1, 2023


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Gymnastics – What to Wear to Gymnastics Class

Many parents and children wonder what they should wear when starting their first day of gymnastics. Every gymnast should wear a gymnastics leotard! There are girls leotards and unitards (also known as a biketard), both of these are the proper gymnastics attire. A gymnastics leotard is cut like a one piece swim suit that lies right below the hips. Girls leotards can be sleeveless, three quarter sleeved, or long sleeved. A gymnastics unitard is a type of leotard that is cut halfway down the thigh (a leotard with shorts connected). Make sure the leotard is a gymnastics leotard because they are tight around the thighs. Dance leotards are too loose, ride up and give wedgies while doing gymnastics. If children do not feel comfortable in a gymnastics leotard they can purchase gymnastics shorts. Gymnastics shorts are tight fitting, like bike shorts and are worn over the leotard.

One question people always wonder but are too embarrassed to ask is, “do you wear underwear under gymnastics leotards”? The answer is no, a girls gymnastics leotard is like a swim suit there is no need to wear undies as long as your leotard is fitted. When girls get older they may feel more comfortable wearing something under their leotards. That is why they make skin colored underwear that is cut the same way as a gymnastics leotard. You can get theses special under garments from any gymnastics catalog, online gymnastics websites, or sometimes at your local gym. You may also wear a bra under your leotard as long as it is not visible, not even the straps should show.

Make sure your gymnast has their hair in a ponytail. This will keep them from having their hair fall in their face. If their hair isn’t hanging in their face they will be able to concentrate more on what they are doing instead of continuously pushing their hair out of the way.

Another thing a gymnast needs to bring to the gym is a gym bag. This way she will have somewhere to put her clothes, shoes, socks, water, and what ever else she may need to bring (inhaler, grips, wrist supports, braces, wraps, etc.).