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Best Wedding Locations in the Bahamas

Best Wedding Locations in the Bahamas

Wedding is a very special occasion for anyone. It is the beginning of a new phase in life, a journey which will eventually lead to many pleasant memories. It is only natural that every bride in the world wants to have a perfect wedding that she has been dreaming about since childhood.

There are many places in the world where couples can choose to tie the knot but there cannot be a more beautiful place to do so than the Bahamas. Islands have always been a favorite destination for getting married simply because of their natural beauty and it is part of the reason why Bahamas is so popular as a wedding destination.

Popular Wedding Locations

There are plenty of Bahamas wedding locations to choose from depending on the preferences of the bride and groom. Some of the best Bahamas wedding locations are as listed below:

* Andros Island- The Andros Island is one of the best places in the Bahamas to get married. The island is situated close to the third largest coral reef in the world so it is the perfect place for the adventurous couple to try diving later on. The island has beautiful beaches and does not get very crowded, which is why it is preferred by many couples.

* The Abocos- The Abocos Island is located only a few miles from the airport and around 25 miles from the Treasure Cay. There are several activities which are offered by the resort on the island and many water sport activities. It is also a perfect place for a honeymoon.

* Eleuthera Island- The Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas is only a few miles away from Nassau. The island is quite popular with vacationers and honeymooners from all around the world since it offers many facilities and activities to choose from. The resort on the island offers wedding packages along with many other amenities which makes planning a wedding easier.

* Nassau- Nassau is of course without a doubt one of the most popular places in the Bahamas. There are many options to choose from in the Nassau in terms of wedding locations which is an added benefit. Most amenities and facilities are available on the island that couples can benefit from. Like everywhere else in Bahamas, there are beautiful white sandy beaches and clear water which makes the perfect backdrop for a perfect wedding.

* The Grand Bahamas- The Grand Bahamas Island has beautiful scenery and many facilities including a casino for those who are looking for a little more action. The island has class and style and is perfect for those who want a low budget wedding.

* The Out Islands- The Out Island offers a lot of privacy and remoteness from the holiday crowds which make it one of the most intimate places to get married in Bahamas.

Bahamas wedding locations offer scenic beauty, privacy and a lot of facilities to choose from, making it easier to plan that perfect wedding.