June 13, 2024


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Few Tips to Help You Choose the Most Appropriate Gym or Sports Flooring

Considering the expectation of the customers, choosing the right kind of flooring for gym can be very confusing decision. Whether you are opening a new gymnasium of planning to refurbish the existing model, right gym flooring idea is one of the most prior things to consider.

Generally it is often noticed that good quality commercial rubber sports flooring is considered as one of the best options for places with high volume of activities like exercises, Yoga, Aerobics, as well as sports. These days the market if filled with numerous varieties of rubber carpeting that varies in price, color, texture and feel. With such a wide variety of options available in the industry, it is quite obvious for anyone to get confused amongst the numerous options. Though, the general tendency of people is that “rubber is rubber”, but past incidents have verified that different varieties of rubber gym flooring, varies greatly in terms of its performance, quality, looks, maintenance and last but obviously not least, cost. By gathering as much information as possible about the different varieties, and approaching leading flooring company you can easily bring in a huge difference in the performance and cost of your sport flooring.

Following are some suggestions that can help you to choose the right option that would outperform its competitors:

Learn about the different kinds of gym or sports flooring

As the market is flooded with numerous options, so you must do some research from your end to educate yourself about the different varieties and their functionality. You can also approach the Internet for help, and read about them in detail. Don’t fear from asking any questions, clear all your doubts before placing an order.

Evaluate the right thickness

Since it would be probably used in a free weight area, you should go for something a bit thicker and tougher. For other areas like the spin room you can also opt for the thinner options. Usually robber flooring for gym is available in 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ thickness. 3/8″ thickness is the most commonly used standard size.

Choose the right color

It is important to choose a bright and vibrant color so that the customers or players can have a feel good factor about it. Generally it comes in dark colors. Colors like solid black are the least expensive ones as it is usually made with recycled material. You can get innovative with the colors and choose different combination to break the monotony.

Choosing between Rolled rubber / Interlocking tiles and Rolls

The Rolled rubber gym flooring usually comes in 4 inch width and gives a seamless look to the tiles. These are good for large areas like High Schools, Personal Training studios, etc. On the other hand while using Rolls you will have to install a full spread of adhesive, double faced carpet tape or loose lay for the rubber carpet roll to spread evenly.

These are some of the things you need to consider before hiring a company for laying out the rubber carpet. Remember that small things can make big differences so go through all the details before placing your order.