September 22, 2023


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Freedumb, the 24-hour livestream of the Dan Le Batard Demonstrate, was Meadowlark Media planting its flags. It was the company’s coming out celebration. It was a reintroduction to the viewers that probably hasn’t heard or even assumed about Dan, Stu, and the Transport Container because the display still left ESPN Radio.

Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz (@LeBatardShow) | Twitter
Courtesy: Meadowlark Media/YouTube

I am not likely to lie to you. I did not check out all 24-hours. I consumed the function in various two or three hour sessions.

There was a whole lot of superior. I truly savored looking at all people, not just the producers, run all-around in true-time on the lookout for guests. I liked the familiar features of the Dan Le Batard Display that I realized from ESPN Radio like “put it on the poll” and Stump the Meech. Utilizing the demonstrate to raise extra than $100,000 for ALS investigate was a really admirable thing. It threaded the needle amongst sincere (the work was direct by Tom Haberstroh and Kate Fagan, just about every of whom have had mother and father influenced by the ailment) and the silly (the motivator for donating was looking at Haberstroh and Fagan ingesting Carolina Reaper peppers).

Admittedly, there was things I did not like way too. Appear, this isn’t me calling these things basically poor. I just believed these were being missteps for an event seeking to build what the subsequent evolution of the Dan Le Batard Exhibit will be.

Fairly than go by way of each and every minuscule complaint I have, I will focus on 1 crucial detail. Dan and his crew will have have to set ESPN in their rearview mirror in get to certainly embrace the freedom they declare to take pleasure in.

It doesn’t imply you just can’t converse to former colleagues anymore. It doesn’t necessarily mean you can not revel in the reality that so much of what you can do now you could not just a single year in the past, when Mickey Mouse was your manager. But now, the revolt in opposition to ESPN hits various. When you are raging against the machine from within of it, you are a rebel and a voice of first rate. When you are bringing Dan Patrick, Michael Smith and Jemele Hill on to explain to the same tales that I have now listened to them inform various instances, you sound bitter.

Also, it all feels pretty self-serving. I do not assume the audience cares about Dan Le Batard’s newfound artistic freedom when it is not currently being used to do awesome things. I’m not positive who multiple attendees raging versus Disney was for apart from individuals that have experienced skilled dealings with Disney.

Now, I do consider that if you produced me amount the Freedumb stream on a scale of 1 to 10, it would occur out way closer to 10 than 1. I would say taken in complete, of the 8 to 9 hours I viewed, I would give it an 8. My complaints about the content arrive way much more from thinking like a specialist seeking to think like a listener. Typically, I was just entertained, and that is good.

I have composed prior to that I was worried that DraftKings’ funds was likely to switch the irreverent show that is only sort of about sports activities into an irreverent clearly show that was shamelessly about gambling. At least for the time getting, I would say Freedumb did a large amount to ease that panic.

As shortly as I turned the stream on, I begun having notes and documenting the times that stood out to me as actually excellent. I could write a number of paragraphs about each 1, but that would make this column way far too extended. So, rather I put on my editor’s cap and narrowed the list of times value crafting about down to five.

That means terrific stuff is not going to get a deep dive from me. Actual swift, I want to mention Rasheed Wallace’s hilariously wimpy RV horn, Dan calling out how miserable Dan Patrick is by stating that the famous people that are drawn to him locate a “dried up twig of a gentleman,” an owl lunging for Mike Ryan’s head, the persons that brazenly mentioned Chris Cote was not a celebrity, the types that thought he was, the function opening with Stugotz mismanaging the Marching Band to Nowhere, Charles Barkley telling Dan he desired to murder Papí, Papí declaring the title Rui Hachimura, Stugotz attempting to spell the name Rui Hachimura, and eventually Mike Schur Properly mocking Stugotz’s Sport Notes. They had been all hilarious, and sadly did not crack the major 5.

With that in thoughts, listed here are the 5 greatest times of the full 24 hrs.


This is a instant that isn’t heading to demonstrate up on any of the highlights, because literally each and every next Pat Riley was on was truly worth viewing. The job interview opened with Dan Le Batard forcing Ryan Cortes, a Miami Warmth superfan, to request Riley a really unfomfortable question: “What do you odor like and where by can we meet for a hug?”

Riley laughed and apart from mentioning what cologne he wore, I did not hope a great deal more to the solution. Rather, Riley admitted that he even now wears Aged Spice and went on for a excellent two minutes about what Old Spice intended to him and how it reminds him of his father. It was amusing and heartwarming and flawlessly punctuated by Le Batard’s awe at the actuality that Riley’s cologne of choice can be bought at a CVS.


If you are an icon of sports activities communicate radio likely on a person else’s uncensored, unencumbered exhibit, you improved announce oneself with authority. That is just what Jim Rome did. We heard his voice before we observed his encounter and the inflection designed it obvious that this was Le Batard’s clearly show, but as significantly as sports speak radio goes, there is only one particular GOAT.

What I loved about this phase was the complete reverence the Transport Container confirmed Rome. Mike Ryan admitted that he was a massive enthusiast. Jessica Smetana tweeted later on that having him on was unbelievable. These are people that plainly love the Pimp in the Box.

I also cherished how self-aware Jim Rome is. He obviously will get the place the guys that grew up listening to him are now in their life and he is aware his put in the radio sector. That currently being said, he can also seem again at the about-the-top rated bravado that is his trademark with a wink and a chortle, which was crystal clear as he talked about his operate-in with Jim Everett.


There was not a weirder, extra on-brand second of the entire 24 hours than the right away hours with Greg Cote. Throughout the previously hours of the function, Cote had alluded to a variety of wellbeing difficulties he had been dealing with. The Le Batard crew mainly achieved every single grievance with disbelief.

When he took his convert in the host’s chair although, Cote was heading to take benefit. At all around 4:25 AM, he questioned his guest, Dr. John Roberts, if he would not mind using a glimpse at his odd belly button through Zoom. It was a unforgettable occasion as Cote confirmed off what was plainly a hernia of some kind and proceeded to poke it and squish the mass that covered his naval.

Credit Roberts for becoming a good sport and providing his experienced impression. Credit history the Transport Container as perfectly for showing the suitable horror at just how a lot the minute experienced gone off the rails.


Prior to leaving ESPN last calendar year, Bob Ley experienced been at the centre its journalistic credibility. When the network leaned into the goofiness of The Large Demonstrate and the “This is SportsCenter” campaign, there was Ley leading the Emmy-nomination bait Exterior the Traces. When the network embraced discussion, there was Ley, web hosting panels on the head trauma brought on by playing soccer and the corruption that plagued FIFA and the Globe Cup. That Bob Ley, the a single that was an establishment in Bristol since working day 1, would never ever have been caught on digital camera shouting expletives immediately after having a raw jalapeño.

Welcome to the world-wide-web, General!

Ley was eager to be a part of in Kate Fagan’s fundraising attempts for I Am ALS, that is why he was among the lots of biting into hot peppers. The authentic deal with even though, aside from the swearing, was just how animated he was in expressing his agony. Ley was perspiring and crying and laughing as he attempted to convey to stories of covering the World Cup, although clearly in huge pain.


Chris Wittyngham phone calls soccer play-by-participate in. He is part of the Miami Dolphins’ radio broadcast, and most not too long ago, has joined Meadowlark Media as a producer and commentator on the Dan Le Batard Demonstrate. His idiosyncrasies have been put below a microscope considering the fact that coming on board, and rightfully so. Chris is anyone that gels his hair Just before HE GOES TO Bed!

It all motivated a jingle that is performed often on the clearly show, and on Friday, that jingle was turned into a whole-duration audio movie.

The second I started putting the listing together, it was all about what was #2. This enthusiast-generated masterpiece is everything you adore about the Dan Le Batard Show and a perfect image of why DraftKings imagined it and Meadowlark Media had been well worth a $50 million expenditure.

It has anything that built this crew fantastic: ball busting, silliness, and character development. On top rated of that, it was a beautiful photo of this fanbase’s commitment to the show and its willingness to embrace inside jokes.

Very seriously, if you can listen to this and not go all-around singing “So permit us mount our penny farthings, trip till dawn with our comrades,” I am not positive you have a feeling of humor at all or get what built The Dan Le Batard Display with Stugotz terrific to start out with!