June 20, 2024


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What makes Behind-the-Scenes content thrive across sports? – Sharing lessons sports professionals can learn through sports content

What makes Behind-the-Scenes content thrive across sports? – Sharing lessons sports professionals can learn through sports content

During this era of content creation, consumers want to feel as close as possible to their favourite athletes. Behind-the-scenes (BTS) content provides this exact purpose by giving an insight into the personalities of athletes’, the internal process of how moments are captured during events and fans having access to the content of that theme will likely make them feel internally rewarded. Throughout this week’s edition of content lessons with Ash, I’ll summarise five examples of behind-the-scenes content and illustrate what makes each BTS piece stand out.

Omar Raja

Omar Raja is a creative who attends various sports games and captures content involving the walkthroughs of fighters and ringside footage of highlight reels while narrating his overall experience.

The content he champions has value for sports consumers in the following ways.

  • It gives the consumer another perspective of the content they’ve consumed.
  • The voice-over narration added to the highlight reel of the occasion strengthens his connection with his community.

Throughout creating content, Omar has built a community of 3.9m TikTok followers, 4m+ YouTube subscribers, 517k IG followers and 16k Twitter followers.

The UFC- Thrill and the Agony

The UFC, arguably the largest combat sports promotion on the planet, have a YouTube series called ‘The Thrill and the Agony’. The content focuses highly on BTS content covering the build-up and post-fight footage of both the fighters who competed. The videos usually include post-fight celebrations, interview clips pre & post-fight, photoshoot clips etc.

On YouTube, the videos relating to the Thrill and the Agony often accumulate between 200k-900k views.

The value content like this provides to best engage sports fans involves the following.

  • It raises awareness of the teams that are behind the main athletes.
  • It’s a chance for the athletes to build on their current audience by featuring more of their personalities within the footage.

BT Sport UFC- Wonderboy meeting Jack Black

UFC veteran Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson recently met the multi-talented legend, Jack Black, ahead of his fight this weekend against Kevin ‘Trailblazer’ Holland. The BT Sport UFC content team did a great job capturing this content which sparked much conversation amongst the MMA community, according to the responses via the comments.

Similar to the above pieces of content, this best showcases Wonderboy’s personality to new and current audiences through his short conversation with Jack Black.

UFC Europe- Jack Hermansson photoshoot

Jack Hermansson is another UFC fighter who soon has a bout coming up. During the build-up of UFC events, photoshoots are often the starting point that gets fans excited ahead of the event from a content perspective.

Furthermore, from this clip alone, the UFC Europe IG page has allowed the clip to be used in different content formats, which can help expand reach, awareness, and engagement. For example, it could be used as a meme, thumbnail or similar.

ONE Championship- The Juggernaut showing off his speed

Jeremy ‘The Juggernaut’ Pacatiw, is a ONE Championship athlete who recently uploaded training footage ahead of an event he’s participating in. This BTS content provides value for multiple purposes, including giving ONE fans a chance to practice and be inspired by MMA training alongside having access to tickets and discovering more about the event.