May 27, 2024


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Tips You Need to Get an Immediate Response from a Colleague

5 Tips To Get An Immediate Response From A Colleague

Whenever you are rising on deadlines or need to pass a bill during the legislative session, you need an early response. However, getting early responses for an executive or from your colleague is not an easy job. If you need something quickly from your team member, you need to prep for it. 

After the coronavirus outbreak, the mega work transition made the majority of companies put their staff to work from home schedule. While work from home was all good news for the dreading commute survivors, remote work brought its own struggles. Employees with effective work tools such as a stable internet connection or an efficient cable TV connection, like the one from Cox Communications had no troubles with effective work performance. While it is easier to get a stable internet connection and a cable TV service from Cox, which also offers Cox Contour TV App for those who want to stay entertained even outside the home, there are a lot more challenges that remote workers had to endure. 

Getting an early response from your remote working team members is as difficult as hoping for them to join a team meeting at a time discussed a week before. However, if you want to be approached faster, you need to elaborate on your request. Here are some things that you can do to obtain an immediate response. 

Write the Request in the Email Subject Line

State your request in the subject line. If you want an immediate response, you have to be clear with your writing standards. You cannot let your request bury in the ground while the rest of the irrelevant information is popped up.

You have to make it easier for the recipients to understand what you want them to respond to.

If you need the response at a specific time, then you indicate it in the subject line. You can write “EOD” or “COB” in the subject line so that the person responds to you by the end of the workday.

Keep the Subject Brief & Crisp

If you want to expand your request and do not want it on your subject line, you can indicate it in the body of the email. The body of your email should be focused only on the relevant content. When you try to limit the content and stick to the relevant information, you make the task easier for the recipients. This will help the recipients to open more quickly to your request.

Use Direct Messaging Technique

Email inboxes are a mess. Your emails can get easily lost if the person you are sending one has a lot of unattended junk. For this reason, if you need to go the extra mile to get a quick response, use your company’s direct messaging platform to leave a text to the person to respond to your request.

Do not waste your precious time by calling them. Instead, you can get the information across to your recipients through a simple text as well.

The Bottom Line

We hope these tips help you get a quick response from your colleagues. Remember, you have to be considerate about people’s priorities. Nobody is responsible to leave their work only to give priority to your request emails or tasks. Therefore, instead of using your title to interrupt people’s work, you treat others with consideration and kindness.