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Thrilling Water Sports and Activities to Do On Barbados Holidays

Thrilling Water Sports and Activities to Do On Barbados Holidays

Barbados is endowed with glorious beaches that are ideal for all types of water activities and sports, be it extreme or moderate. In other words, the beaches are excellent for snorkeling, diving, and of course, swimming.

On your Barbados holidays, you will get to see the region’s loveliest coastlines. If you are aiming for the beaches with the most peaceful water, then the best place to go is down the length of the western coast. In this spot, the best beaches to choose from are:

1. Mullins Bay

2. Sandy Bay

3. Paynes Bay

Down the south eastern part of Barbados, the top choice is the Crane Beach. As a matter of fact, this beach is included in the list of top 10 in the world. Then again, although this pink sanded beach is best for bodysurfing, swimming is not so great here because the water can also be rough.

The part where the water conditions are generally not for surfing or swimming is the eastern coast. The water current in this area is strong and full of rocky shelves so water activities are usually discouraged.

Now, the best beaches for diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, and swimming are located in the western coast. You will also find the most vibrant sponges and amazing corals here. The Berwyn is recommended for snorkeling since there are plenty of shipwrecks to see around the area.

At any rate, here are a couple of water activities to enjoy on Barbados holidays:

• Body boarding

Carlisle Bay is the popular place to do body boarding. It has more or less 2 miles of glittering white sand and the water is always calm and clear. Over-all, the bay is awesome so it really deserves the recognition that it got. In 2003, it was voted as the Caribbean’s number 1 beach.

Also, you will have fun snorkeling in the vicinity as you will have the chance to get a good glimpse of the famous shipwrecks. You will also witness the busy tropical marine life underwater. It is so alive and bustling with marine activities.

• Surfing

Do you love to surf? Are you a surfer? If you are then you probably already know that Bathsheba in the Caribbean is the perfect spot to surf. This place is popular for surfers around the world and they go there just to experience a good ride on the waters.

• Jet ski

This water sport is available in some beaches around Barbados. Simply look from one coast to another to see which ones are offering this activity.

If you happen to be in the south coast, you can enjoy jet skiing in the Boatyard, Charles water sports, or Dover beach. Likewise, if you are in the western part of the island of Barbados, try jet skiing in the Sandy Lane beach, Mullins bay, and Paynes bay.

Finally, all these water sports that you can experience while on Barbados holidays are safe enough for everyone. However, for younger children, they can also do these activities provided that there are adults to supervise them.