June 14, 2024


Exercise makes us healthy

Professional Athletes Finding Help With Enzyme For Inflammation

With NFL training camps winding down, and the playing season set to begin, many professional and amateur athletes have found that taking Serrapeptase Rx by Enerex Botanicals helps them stay on the field.

“Why is that so important?” you might ask. I recently spoke with one NFL agent that was buying the Serrapeptase Rx for many of his athletes, and this was his take on it… During training camp, each of his players gets only so many chances to impress the coaches. If they are injured, or have swelling that prevents them from being on the field, it may limit their reps, and hence their chances of making the team. This can have implications worth millions of dollars for a professional athlete.

So how does Serrapeptase Rx help? It is a very powerful, all-natural anti-inflammatory that helps minimize bruising and swelling when taken prior to, and after, injury. It has been used by Olympic athletes for years for training, and now the general public is beginning to find out about it.

I have spoken with several EnerexUSA dealers, and many amateur athletes across all sports are getting amazing results with this enzyme. There are numerous double-blind studies showing how safe and powerful this product has been over its 30-year history.

One of the studies was on sixty patients getting ready to have knee surgery. The patients who took the Serrapeptase enzyme had 50% less swelling, and were pain free in ten days. That is a fairly significant study, but there are actually dozens of studies with similar results for various conditions.

I personally know baseball players that have rotator cuff injuries, and they, as well as arthritis patients, have seen tremendous results while taking the enzyme. I take Serrapeptase Rx myself to help deal with previous injuries, and my 87-year old mother takes it to reduce the swelling she suffers from as a result of diabetes.

In addition to the powerful anti-inflammatory effects, and the pain relief that goes along with it, Serrapeptase has another unique ability that is very important, but often left out of conversations. It has the ability to digests non-living tissue in all forms, including internal scar tissue and arterial plaque.

One of the reasons that so many athletes who have surgery have to go back to the doctor, or have another procedure done, is the scar tissue from the first surgery. Will Allen, a Miami Dolphin cornerback, recently had to go through this procedure and lost all of training camp time. It is possible that had he known about this enzyme from Enerex, he might not have needed the second procedure, and could have been in camp fighting for the first team defense.

This product is certainly worth a serious look – from both professionals and amateurs alike. With no know side-effects or interaction with other medications, it is safe and very effective. There are a few things you need to know, however, before running into a store or going on-line to purchase any product with “serrapeptase” in it. The enzyme is most effective when it is in capsule form, and the capsules themselves have been enteric-coated. To be effective, the capsule must pass through the stomach acid and dissolve in the small intestine, so you need a preparation powerful enough to do the trick. Enerex Botanicals makes the most powerful Serrapeptase product in the world at 1,000 mg and 120,000 IU strength. That is why when jobs are on the line, as in the NFL, this is the brand that athletes are reaching for. Purchase a weak substitute, and you may be very disappointed.

The Enerex brand is available in the U.S. through selected doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, physical therapists, and some knowledgeable health food stores. You can find a list of retailers from the U.S. distributor, EnerexUSA.