June 21, 2024


Exercise makes us healthy

Osaka’s situation shines light on athletes and mental health

Mary Sanchez

On the court docket, Naomi Osaka can even now physically pound her opponents to a pulp.

She’s the very same extraordinary athlete. Nothing has improved — besides for a quite public admittance of information about her mental well being after she selected to withdraw from the French Open up recently.

Still in the span of mere days, the highest-paid out woman athlete and the the No. 2 rated women’s tennis participant in the earth went from becoming commonly portrayed as a potent businesswoman and a savvy steward of social justice worthy of magazine addresses to another person who demands to be dealt with with child gloves.

This response is telling. How this performs out in the tennis community and the broader earth of sports in the coming months will convey to volumes about society’s, permit by itself the environment of aggressive sports’, knowing of psychological health.