February 28, 2024


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Ukrainian YouTuber chronicles war as an alternative of travels

Tale: “You can not be self-assured in your safety so, these things are terrifying actually…” Ukrainian YouTuber Anton Ptushkin began documenting what he observed when Russia invaded his house country. It marked a modify from the shiny journey video clips his tens of millions of followers are utilised to looking at. “I’m just a vacation man. I was not into politics at all. But on 24th of February, politics finished. This is not politics, this is actually war, and persons are dying. And of system you cannot be silent. You have to say some thing.” “First day of war, you are absolutely combined up…” He chronicles every day lifestyle in the funds, Kyiv. “From my apartment I made a decision to go to a safer position….” And states his specialty is personal, psychological tales, like the times he shares with his mom. He mentioned he initially experimented with achieving out to his Russian viewers with two video clips. “They obtained a ton of views but the effectiveness of this video clip was actually smaller.” So he switched his appeals to folks in the West. “There is democracy in the West. And persons, I really don’t know, perhaps they can check out some of my episodes and check with their elected officials to perhaps to enable Ukraine in some way.” His solution would seem to be resonating. As of Thursday, his movie about everyday living below the siege experienced virtually 1.5 million views on YouTube. “You have to do anything because this is your state, this is your homeland, this is your city, I indicate, your pals, your lifetime is listed here… This is significant for me and I hope this is essential for a person in the West also, because they can realize what it feels like to be in the nation fighting with the enemy in 2022. It can be madness, really.”


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