June 21, 2024


Exercise makes us healthy

Local sports producer overcomes health crises to compete on ‘American Ninja Warrior’


By Charlie Walters

SAN FRANCISCO — A neighborhood sports radio producer overcame considerably a lot more than just the difficulties of arduous schooling to develop into an “American Ninja Warrior.”

Athletics are a supplied in Chris O’Connell’s day-to-day lifetime, regardless of whether he is producing sports at 95.7 the recreation, or schooling for the levels of competition-dependent fact display. It is really straightforward to see his adore for athletics.

Even so, it can be what you are not able to see about his past that fully tells his tale.

“When I was three a long time previous I found out — my parents observed out — I experienced a congenital heart problem,” O’Connell stated.

As a youngster, sports had been a forbidden fruit for O’Connell, even though he admits he “was generally a athletics fanatic.” The only difficulty was his medical professional instructed him to preserve his heart rate down, which stored him absent from any physically demanding physical exercise right until adulthood.

“I scarcely did any exercise routines just before I was 21,” stated O’Connell. That is how aged he was when a new health practitioner he’d observed gave him the eco-friendly mild to begin doing work out. 

“For the very first 50 % of my lifetime they advised me to sluggish down,” said O’Connell. “So if I’m going to exercise, I am going to educate for American Ninja Warrior and do that.”

"American Ninja Warrior" contestant Chris O'Connell
“American Ninja Warrior” contestant Chris O’Connell.


Chris experienced for his probability at a place on the show for three decades until finally he was ready to mail in his audition tape, right all around the time his spouse prepared to delivery their 1st child….

“In just two months, my life improved totally. I preferred to test out for ‘ANW.’ As a substitute, I identified out I would want my second heart surgical treatment,” O’Connell explained. “I was meant to be in there [the hospital] for three days I was in there for 11. My spouse stayed by my side the overall time, sleeping on a cot when she was a few months expecting.”

Following surgical procedures, Chris experienced to recuperate for 12 weeks. It was all through that time his son Cavin was born, main to a different obstacle lifetime threw his way.

“At his two week checkup, which is when we found out he essential heart surgical treatment way too,” he explained.

Like Chris, Cavin was a heart warrior too…

“I have to slow him down. He is also my tiny ninja. He swings on the ropes and runs up the wall,” O’Connell claimed.

8 yrs soon after the delivery of his son, the two shared the countrywide phase together on “American Ninja Warrior.” O’Connell came up an impediment brief, but if his tale has taught us just about anything, overcoming road blocks is what he does best…  

” Nevertheless have nonetheless to hit the buzzer. Upcoming 12 months I want to strike that buzzer and be on best of that wall,” he explained.


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