November 30, 2023


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Gymnastics – Various Types You Should Be Aware Of!

As you know that gymnastic is an international game and also included in Olympics. People all around the world love to practice it and many of them have become professional in this field. For your information, it is such a difficult task to become a professional in this game because it requires a lot of time and continuous practice of body parts. There are several things in this sports that require too much concentration and attention like flexibility of body parts, potency, quickness, proper balancing and teamwork. If a player is focusing on all these aspects properly then he or she can perform very well throughout his career.

Though, people love to watch this game but most of them are unaware of its different basic types that the gymnasts perform. Therefore, I accumulated a list of different moves and categories of this sport along with several supplies use in this game.


Ring is an important event and it is performed by males only. A lot of strength and stamina is required to master this technique. In this kind, there are two rings of almost 6-7” diameter and almost 1.7 feet apart. The gymnast controls his whole body and performs different steps while hanging in the air with the help of ropes.

Floor Performance:

Different moves are performed on the floor and like dance performance, flipping, twisting and hand springing. This floor is almost 40×40 usually made up of wood, padding, springs and composite.


This task is usually performed by females and they have to perform it by balancing themselves on the beam. Its height is almost 4-5 feet and it is 17 feet above the ground.

For further details on such types of gymnastics try to search thoroughly on internet and you can also follow the links mentioned below.