June 14, 2024


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Gymnastics Grips – Care and Tips

First things first, when you get new gymnastics hand grips you must break them in before you jump up on the uneven bars and attempt your hard skills and tricks. Some grips are harder to break in than others do to the thickness and stiffness of the leather. There are several different ways to break grips in. First, when your gymnastics grips are not in use, roll them as if they were around the bar. This will allow them to take the shape of the gymnastics bar. Second, put the grips on, mount the bars and do simple skills only. That way you will have a much less chance of peeling off. My advice would be to stay on the low gymnastics bar only until you get use to them.

When you first put gymnastics grips on, the finger holes are always too tight. DO NOT cut the finger holes or force the holes wider by stretching them to try to make them fit. This will only make your grips un-wearable, and you would have to cough up more money to buy another new pair. All you have to do is roll up a little piece of sand paper and sand the inside of the holes until they fit snugly. Another tip, do not let other girls wear your gymnastics grips. It can stretch the finger holes out were you can no longer wear your new grips without them slipping around.

Once you get your grips broke in and wear them on a regular basis they may start to get slick. This is due to the leather wearing down from each skill performed on the gymnastics uneven bars. To get them rough again you take a wire grip brush and brush the grips up and down until it starts to get rough again. You can keep doing this every time they get slick. Once they get too thin, you will need a new pair.

Many gymnasts store their gymnastics grips in bags. These bags are called grip bags. If you place your gymnastics grips in a grip bag after every bar rotation it will eliminate the amount of chalk that will get all over. Plus carrying your grip bag to the gymnastics bars and back is much easier then caring your gym bag around!