July 12, 2024


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Gymnastic Moves – Step by Step Guide on How the Experts Perfectly Do the Pivot Turn

Gymnastic Moves – Step by Step Guide on How the Experts Perfectly Do the Pivot Turn

Start in with a small lunge position with your weight over your front left leg, which is slightly bent, and with your back leg straight, feet flat on the floor, your right arm sideways and your left arm forwards, both at shoulder height.

Pull the weight sharply forwards and upwards whilst rising up on to the toes of your front foot, at the same time opening the front arm out to the side and swinging your straight back leg in a circular movement round to the front, then bending your knee to bring the foot in to touch the other knee.

The turn has now been initiated and should be smooth but strong. Once the action has been started, both arms go up above the head into the fifth position (both arms overhead in a curved position, palms facing each other).

Current regulations within the Code of Points demand that pivot turns should be specifically included in all exercises. In fact, all body elements should be present throughout and it would be extremely advisable to demonstrate at least three different types of each body element.

From the basic pivot technique that is described above, variation by way of turning towards the supporting leg can be practiced, or way from the supporting leg can be practiced, or, by increasing the amount of turn, you can change in into a double or even triple turn, or simply alter the position of the free leg.

The altitude turn is very effective and is achieved by lifting the back leg up and into a bent position, with the leg turned out at the hip as for the altitude ballet. Adding other simpler turns improve the general impression of a routine, and these could include turning on other parts of the body such as the bottom, knees or back.

A basic patter turn involving little steps turning on the spot becomes more effective, such as a coiling action with the ribbon or rotation overhead with the hoop.