February 27, 2024


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Evolution Of Cricket In India And Around The Globe

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Indians do not watch cricket for leisure, but it is an integral part of the culture despite hockey being our national sport. Indians love sports as in recent years many people are inclined towards other sports such as wrestling, hockey, football, and many others. One of the richest cricket leagues, as it also gave rise to various premier leagues around the globe. As it is more of entertainment and fun for cricket lovers to watch as they get to watch on a live cricket tv streaming app. 

IPL (Indian Premier League) paved the way for other leagues, such as big bash, big county, CPL, and others, when it was introduced. Over the years, T20 gave people entertainment and made matches dramatic, and it also gave people the opportunity to play 10 matches. So they can have more entertainment in a shorter period. In fact, some cricket leagues in different countries have been postponed because of the covid pandemic. Since IPL 2021 has been postponed, CPL 2021 has begun. Covid halted several leagues. Even when cricket matches are postponed, the enthusiasm of those watching does not change. 

In 2001, there were only 50-over matches, but even though people were busy they watched matches on television. Everyone has a verdict especially in India regarding team selection or playing 11 of the team. If you go to a local shop some people would be found discussing cricket. As you pass in around the cities you’ll even see people watching cricket on footpaths outside the television showroom.

But now due to digitalization people can watch cricket on the go on tools like a cricket app. It also allows people to watch different leagues and cricket tournaments. Therefore, cricket enthusiasts can continue to be entertained. There are various websites and applications that allow you to watch and track live cricket online. As a result, it has made watching cricket more convenient and easier. It is still different to watch cricket in any other country than in India. The enthusiasm, passion of India’s watching is different as it has been the emotion of people in India. Indians also appreciate other players the way they appreciate Indian players. There are players such as Chris Gayle, AB Delivers who receive the same amount of love as an Indian player such as Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma receives. Cricket is unimaginably loved by Indians. It has also become the source of motivation for many cricket fans.

As cricket kept on evolving over the decade from test matches to ODI and then to T20, the same way the cricket watching pattern also evolved from watching cricket matches on television in a specific place to watching cricket matches on the go on your devices. So there are huge and drastic changes in every aspect of cricket.