June 13, 2024


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Building Speed Muscles With a Speed Ladder

What are speed muscles? Simple they are fast twitch fibers inside the muscles. A great way to develop fast twitch fibers is to use a speed ladder. A speed ladder or agility ladder is simply a ladder that is placed on the ground for athletes to perform multiple drills that are geared toward developing speed muscles or fast twitch fibers. The more of this type of muscle fiber the faster, quicker and more agile the athlete will be.

There are over 20 different quickness drills that can be used with a speed ladder and all of them help develop fast twitch muscles. The drills range from lateral movement side steps, to front steps with staggered movement. All drills require quick and explosive movement’s .These movements are what are behind the development of the fast twitch muscle fibers.

Agility ladder training programs have seen gains in forty yard dash times and shuttle times. Add a little resistance training or speed training to the programs and the athlete should see phenomenal results. Results have been known to be as much as .10 on your forty and .20 on your shuttle times. The reason for double the gains in shuttle times is that the speed ladder drills are really designed to develop the quickness of an athlete for short and quick burst. The athlete will still see gains in their forty times as well so there is no reason to not use the drills if you want to increase your sprinting as well. If your first 10 yards are faster after you have gone through speed ladder training, then your overall forty times will be faster as well.

Even a track athlete will gain from this type of training. The track athlete will be able to get off the blocks faster and that translates into fast sprint times. The ideal training for speed will include a speed ladder, but also some overall speed and agility training, good nutrition and diet, and proper core training will maximize the athlete’s results.