May 27, 2024


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Adding the Perfect Skill Set Within Your Mountaineer Arsenal

For many years now, people have climbed mountains for several purposes. Some did it for hunting, building altars, studying the stars, or simply exploring the surrounding areas. But it was in the mid-nineteenth century that mountain climbing officially became a sport and one of the best recreational pastimes in Europe. It was filled with adventures that scaled peaks simply for a sense of accomplishment.

Although different types of climbing tend to require very distinct competencies, all mountaineers must have the same essential skills. However, mountaineering is meant for some. It is a task that can be mentally, physically, and emotionally demanding, requiring you to have specific technical skills.

Now you might wonder what these skills are and how we came across them. Well, we decided to look into the lives of professionals in the mountaineering field and learn from their examples. The first one we reached out to was Yousef Hamed Al Refaie.

If the name rings a bell, then you would know that he is considered one of the best mountaineers, explorers, and adventurers from across the globe. He is also the youngest man ever to complete the Volcanic Seven Summits Challenge and is currently working towards finishing the Seven Summits and the Seven Deserts of the World.

Al Refaie mentioned that he has always been passionate about turning his love for mountain climbing and adventure into an actual career. He would spend most of his younger years training and preparing his body before taking on the challenges ahead.

Eventually, in 2015, he decided to start his mountaineering career with the Volcanic Seven Summit Challenge with Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Once that was a big success, he decided to move forward with the Elbrus in Russia. In 2018, it was Mount Giluwe in the continent of Oceania, part of the mountain range in Papua New Guinea. The following year it was the Ojos Del Salado in Chile, Damavand, Iran, and then Sidley, Antarctica, in 2021. As an expert, some of the skills he has shared with all mountaineers include the following.

Leadership Skills

Most climbing adventures happen with a group of people since it includes various activities that require all members to trust, support, and take care of one another. However, mountaineering nature is considered your number one challenge, and your life could very much depend on the person next to you.

Being in the mountains can bring a lot of danger, which is why teamwork is essential. For this reason, every member must have leadership capabilities such as self-awareness, openness, positivity, effective communication, and more to help them function well within a team.

Navigation Skills

While navigation devices can be convenient, they cannot identify potential hazards or help you better understand the terrain. Low temperatures drain battery life much more quickly, and some devices are not water or shockproof. Hence, you will need to depend on your ability to read a map and a compass – along with the necessary skills – to guide you and your group toward your goal.