February 27, 2024


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A Beginner’s Guide to Fishing for Amberjack in Florida


Amberjack fishing is a popular and challenging sport that offers anglers the opportunity to catch some of the strongest and most delicious fish in the ocean. Found in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, Amberjack are a prized catch for recreational and commercial fishermen alike.

Amberjack Common Habitats

Amberjack can be found in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida. They are commonly caught in areas such as the Gulf Stream, around artificial reefs, and near offshore oil rigs. You can try fishing for Amberjack from a boat, pier, or surf fishing, or you can also go on a charter fishing trip with a local guide.

Best Amberjack Fishing Equipment

Amberjack fish are fast, efficient swimmers who often escape with their rod-snapping force. To increase your chances of catching jacks, you will need to improve your fishing equipment. 

  1. Rod and Reel: A strong and sturdy rod with a fast action and a saltwater conventional reel with a high gear ratio to handle Amberjack’s powerful runs.
  2. Line: Heavy monofilament or braided line with a high test strength to handle Amberjack’s size and strength.
  3. Hooks: Strong and sharp hooks in a size appropriate for the size of the Amberjack you are targeting.
  4. Terminal Tackle: Swivels, leaders, and sinkers to match the fishing conditions and the type of bait being used.
  5. Bait: Live bait, such as blue runners, pilchards, or squid, is commonly used to catch Amberjack, but lures and jigs can also be effective.

It’s always a good idea to consult with local fishing experts or charter operators for the most up-to-date information on the best gear and techniques for catching Amberjack in Florida.

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