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6 Popular Sports in Sweden 2021

5 Most Popular Sports in Sweden of All Time – Live News Ghana

Active sporting activities have taken hold since the pandemic. This is not to say that it is impossible to have fun at home.

There are some popular free online games like World of Tanks that have kept many people glued to their PlayStation. 

If you happen to be looking for Swedish online games, read reviews from independent review websites such as Omdomesstalle.se to get insights on the best there are.

For those who prefer to watch sporting events here are some popular games in Sweden that may interest you;

  1. Football

Football was first played in Sweden in 1970 brought into the country by English and Scottish people. The Swedish Football Association was later founded in the year 1904. Since then the appreciation of the sport has risen to the top tire and it is now the most popular sport in Sweden.

The Swedish football association (Svenska Fotbollförbundet) remains the main organizer for football events and competitions in Sweden.

Sweden has 31 football clubs. The main team representing Sweden is the Sweden national football team.  Friends Arena in Solna is the football ground for Sweden. 

Sweden has participated in many international original competitions. Their first World Cup appearances were in 1934 and they first participated in the UEFA Champions in 1992. 

Some of the greatest achievements are the 1958 FIFA World Cup runners-up, 1950 and 1994 bronze medals in the World Cup. 

Swedish football remains the highest-ranking team in  Nordic football.

  1. Ice hockey

Ice hockey is the second most popular sport in the country and its history dates back to 1912 when Sweden was a member of the international ice hockey federation. When it was first founded, its organization fell under the umbrella of the Swedish Football Association. 

The current governing body is the Swedish ice hockey Federation which was established in 1922. 

The two main teams are the women’s national teams and the men’s national team. There are 14 ice hockey teams in Sweden.

Show me the medals won by the  Sweden national ice hockey team are; the gold medals in the 1994 and 2006 World ice hockey championships, the runners-up in the 1928 1964 and 2014 championships, and the second runners-up in 1950 to 1980 1984 and 1988 world ice hockey championships.

  1. Floorball 

Closely related to ice hockey, Floorball is the third most popular sport in the country, with its world invention dating back to the late 1960s in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

The Swedish global federation is the organizing body task with managing the National floorball team and the 14 other teams in the country. 

Apart from being the country of invention, one of the greatest achievements related to this sport is that they were the first world games gold medal winners.

In 2017 it was included in the list of world games. The biggest event is the Men’s World Floorball Championships, The Women’s World Floorball Championships, The Men’s under-19 World Floorball Championships, and The Women’s under-19 World Floorball Championships.

The national floorball team participates in these competitions.

  1. Bandy 

Scandinavian countries are notorious for having extreme Winters. Make the best out of this, Swedes are active and good at Bandy. The sport organized by Swedish Bandy Association. 

Sweden has won the Bandy World Championships several times. The Swedish women’s bandy team has won all except one bandy world championship title. 

  1. Golf

One fun fact about golfing in Sweden is that about 6% of the population plays golf. 

This is the highest percentage in Europe. There are over 420 golf courses in the country and 482 golf clubs. 

The system of golf played in the country is Open golf which has been on since 1983. Golfing events and activities are organized by the Swedish golf federation and the Swedish PGA.

Playing golf is not only fun but open for any person. Being a member of any golf organization that is recognized in the country gives you entry to any golf course. 

  1. Athletics 

Athletics is also one of the oldest games in the country dating back to 1895 when it was first established in Göteborg. 

Swedish athletic Association is responsible for organizing athletic events in the country.


Other sports that are appreciated by the Swedish citizens are; bandy, basketball, tennis, and table tennis. On another level, some games played and enjoyed for recreation purposes in Sweden include; include brännboll (popular in schools), boule, kubb, skiing, swimming, gymnastics, and cycling.