June 13, 2024


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5 Things You Never Knew About Famous Olympic Athlete Lord Sebastian Coe!

Remember Sebastian Coe? You can’t really forget him can you, as he’s been in the public eye since the seventies. From winning Olympic gold medals, being an MP to organising the London 2012 Olympics. We all know of his major achievements, but here are a few lesser known things that you may not know.

1. Coe was appointed the first chairman FIFA’s ethics commission.

He was appointed in 2006 and his role was to set dates and locations for tournaments, including deciding on the formats. He also had the power to hire and fire delegates.

2. Seb is an ambassador for Nike worldwide.

He also owns a string of health clubs, including some in prestige hotels.

3. He is descended from Jamaican slave proprietors and sugar plantation owners, George Clarke and Edward Hyde.

George Clarke was also the Lieutenant Governor of New York Colony.

4. Coe is colour blind.

Colour Blindness – genetic inability to distinguish differences in hue

5. He was given the “Prince of Asturias” award (the very first one) in 1987.

The “Prince of Asturias” is an award given in Spain for high achievers around the world. There are several different categories and coe won the very first one in the category of “sport”.

All in all Lord Sebastian Coe is an inspirational figure who has worked very hard to stay in his high profile position. He has been many things in his lifetime, including Olympic athlete, gold medal and world record holder.

He has had a spell as a tory MP for Falmouth and Camborne from 1992 until 1997.

He also became ambassador for the London 2012 Olympic bid in 2004. In this role he was wildly successful, helping to win the bid for London. From 2004 right up to and throughout the Olympics, Coe worked tirelessly and is rightly admired for his achievements in this area.

He has made many television appearances over the years. He’s appeared as himself in “Brass Eye”, “The Britta’s Empire” and the spoof documentary “Twenty Twelve”.

He has been adorned with a host of awards including, BBC sports personality of the year 1979, United Press International athlete of the year 1979 and 1981, Men’s Track and Field athlete of the year 1979 and 1981.

It could be said that Lord Coe’s future is bright; in fact “the world is his oyster”. He has the scope to do anything he wishes to do. There will be huge queues for his services including international corporations, tv stations, radio stations, newspapers and magazines, political parties, charities and a plethora of other organisations. One big appointment he could be in for, surely he is now a prime candidate for London Mayor.