May 27, 2024


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4 Fun and Exciting Places To Visit in Singapore

25 Best Places to Visit in Singapore [2022] – One Weird Globe


Singapore is often described as a playground for the rich, and yes, Singapore does look like a diamond, a small country that has an alluring luster. However, Singapore offers more than just high-end shopping malls, five-star hotels, or fine dining. Singapore has a vibrant history and is home to a wide variety of ethnicities.

Tourist attractions in Singapore are also diverse, even for those of you who want to take a vacation abroad with a minimal budget. There are many choices of hotels available such as Hotel 81 Bugis, Hotel Lavender, and others. What are some fun and exciting tourist attractions that are interesting to visit? Here are tourist attractions in Singapore that you should not miss.

  • Bugis Street

Besides Orchard Road, you can also visit Bugis Street. This tourist spot in Singapore is also no less popular than the others. Before it became a magnificent building, in the past, Bugis streets became a gathering place for traders from various countries. 

Even the name Bugis itself has been pinned since Singapore was still called Temasek, where the city which became a trading port attracted many immigrants from various ethnic groups in Malay countries.

Here you will find items that are sold at low prices. In addition, there are many choices of items that are suitable as souvenirs. So, for those of you who want to find souvenirs, Bugis Street is the choice that you must visit. Just take the green or blue MRT line and get off at Bugis MRT Station.

  • Hi Roller

Opened on April 6, 2019, Hi Roller is the largest indoor skating rink in Singapore. This place can be an alternative tourist destination for moms who want to vacation in Singapore and need a unique holiday activity. Especially if you really like roller skating or inline skating.

First-time roller skating or inline skating? Don’t worry, because in Hi Roller there are separate tracks for each skill level. Even beginners can play here, so don’t be shy about trying it. This Singapore tourist location is very suitable to be visited with friends, even family. Don’t forget to try it when you visit Singapore!

  • Old Hill Street Police Station

Right across from Clarke Quay, at 140 Hill Street to be exact, there is an eye-catching building, very interesting because of its 927 rows of rainbow-colored shutters. It’s perfect to be used as one of your photo spots while in Singapore.

This building was established in 1934, and in 1998 it was designated as a national monument. Now it is still used as the office of the Ministry of Communications and Information. In the center of the building is the ARTrium, usually used for various art exhibitions.

  • Marina Bay Sands

Tourist attractions in Singapore that are visited by many tourists are Marina Bay Sands, a building that has become an icon of Singapore. This is a very magnificent complex of shopping centers, hotels, and casinos. 

This place is a mandatory tourist destination when visiting Singapore. For those of you who want to enjoy the night sky in Singapore, there’s nothing wrong with just sitting in this area. You will be spoiled with the Spectra Light & Water Show which is held every night at 20.00.

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